Wallaroo - A lot of van in a little package

The Wallaroo finds an ideal balance between quality features, comfort and simplicity in a great value van.

Hop into a Pop Top

The incredible interior space revolves around the brilliant Euro style convertible lounge / twin single / double bed that does it all.

This gives plenty of room for all the important features for a great trip away.  3 way fridge, 3 burner hob, range hood and microwave enable food preparation in a snap.

Floor Plans

PT1702 - Lounge / Twin Single Beds - Queen Bed

Euro style convertible lounge / twin single / double bed

  • Sleeps 2
  • Single Bed Dimensions
    - 1900mm L x 800mm W
  • Double Bed Conversion Dimensions
    - 2200mm L x 1300mm W


  • Technical Data

  • Exterior Features

  • Interior Features

  • Options

    To be advised


Jurgens Wallaroo Compact Pop Top Review

All dimensions are approximate. All weights have a +/- tolerance and vary depending on components added to or removed from van. Specifications and aesthetics subject to change without notice. Information shown here is not necessarily applicable to units manufactured prior to or post publish date. Ensure that the actual van being considered meets all your specific requirements. Pictures are illustrative only and may show optional extras.

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