Free Jurgens Owners Group “Sticker Kits” – Limited Time.

These fun stickers attach to your van and let fellow owners know you belong to the group. It’s a fun way of saying we are friendly and up for a chat about Jurgens and all things caravanning.

The bright orange wing with the blue heart goes on the front of your van. Fellow group members will easily spot it out on the road or at a glance in a caravan park.

The “Official Jurgens Owners Group” sticker goes on the rear of your van and is a nice way to subtly promote the group to those who don’t know about it.

The stickers are easy to fit and can be removed later if you like. The kit comes with instructions on how to attach and where to put them.

Simply complete the form and the stickers will be mailed to you free of charge.

All dimensions are approximate. All weights have a +/- tolerance and vary depending on components added to or removed from van. Specifications and aesthetics subject to change without notice. Information shown here is not necessarily applicable to units manufactured prior to or post publish date. Ensure that the actual van being considered meets all your specific requirements. Pictures are illustrative only and may show optional extras.

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