The Jurgens Range

Choosing a van is a very exciting time but we also know it can be a big decision.

For those who are new to caravanning we have put together some simple information to help you make the right decision.

Standard Caravans

  • Standard caravans are the easiest to use. You have full access to the living space as soon as you pull up, without having a roof to pop up.
  • In a standard caravan the walls are fixed, this means you can use more of the vertical space for cupboards giving you more storage space.
  • They do sit higher on the road though which means greater wind resistance when towing.

Pop Top Vans

  • Pop Top vans sit lower on the road and therefore have less wind resistance when being towed.
  • They also need less height when being stored under cover.
  • When the pop top is pushed up they have a lovely camping feel but still with plenty of comfort.
  • The trade off is they take a few minutes to set up and pack up.


Serious Off Road


Pop Tops

All dimensions are approximate. All weights have a +/- tolerance and vary depending on components added to or removed from van. Specifications and aesthetics subject to change without notice. Information shown here is not necessarily applicable to units manufactured prior to or post publish date. Ensure that the actual van being considered meets all your specific requirements. Pictures are illustrative only and may show optional extras.

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