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Choosing a caravan is a very exciting time but we also know it can be a big decision.

For those who are new to caravanning we have put together some simple information to help you make the right decision.

Have a think about how you will use your van. Make some notes on the following and this will help you decide on the right van for you.



Will you be sticking to the bitumen or venturing off for some bush camping.
Will you stick to the caravan parks or try some “free” caravanning.

How often

Will you use the van for the occasional weekend away or do you have plans for more extended journeys? If you are spending more time living in the van, more space and greater creature comforts may become more important.

Are you looking at a single traveller, a couple or a family? There are configurations designed to accommodate all groups of people.

Tow vehicle

The rating of your vehicle to tow a certain weight is an important part in the selection process. Fortunately Jurgens vans are designed to be light yet strong and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can tow. Click through here to find the towing capacity of many popular vehicles.


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