Our Company

Our goal is to create the best caravans possible through intelligent design, genuine build quality and comprehensive testing.

We place emphasis on safe and efficient towing through engineering strength in where it is needed and taking weight out where it is not.

We appreciate style and understand how to optimise space for practical and comfortable living.

We understand the importance of value for money and we back our product with an industry leading warranty.

Jurgens Australia has locally designed and built thousands of caravans in Australia developed specifically for our market since 2008.

Plus every Australian built Jurgens Caravan carries the DNA of 60 years experience in South Africa. As one of the largest caravan manufacturers in the southern hemisphere we have built over 100,000 caravans since 1952.

Our Factory

Our purpose built factory is located  in Pakenham Victoria.

We have produced thousands of Australian made caravans and created many Australian jobs.

We work to an assembly line philosophy just like a car manufacturer. The vans moves through stations progressively where highly trained staff repeat a refined process time after time with consistent results.

Our manufacturing process enables regular quality checks to be made to ensure our standards are maintained.

We are very proud of our factory. We encourage you to take our factory tour and compare our build quality against our competitors.

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Design & Testing

Our products are genuinely engineered.

We have a dedicated design centre based in our Australian factory.

We use principles from the aviation and automotive industry such as computer modelling to build strength in where it is critical and keep weight out where it is not needed.

Our products are light but not the lightest. We take into account building in all the features Australians expect and making a product tough enough for Australian conditions.

We understand design principles such as how to distribute weight efficiently and where to position axles to make the caravan safe and easy to tow.

Making caravans light and tow friendly gives you more choice in the tow vehicles you can use.

We use computer aided design to optimise our layouts and experiment with many different options to optimise the use of space.

We focus on precision building.  All components are designed to fit together perfectly from the chassis to the furniture. This means our caravans hold together really well and they stand up well to dust and water ingress.

Our designers care about style as well as function. We regularly travel to Europe to study the latest trends. We work with leading interior designers to create beautiful aesthetics.

We are committed to designing products that are fully compliant with Australian design standards and regulations.

We belong to the industry association and our products are regularly audited.

Torture Testing

You can enjoy the adventure of travelling on dirt roads and into the outback confident that our product will stand up.

Automotive Proving Grounds

Our product has been torture tested at a leading automotive proving ground used by major car brands, truck companies and even the military. Working closely with AL-KO we conducted accelerated life testing in harsh conditions representing 100,000 km normal use. It gives us the confidence to put our name to the product and offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

Field testing

We have also punished our vans out in the real world. We have travelled thousands of kilometres on corrugated outback roads with high payloads and high speeds. We have also ventured into desert sand country which is very tough on componentry. What we have learnt from these experiences transfer into product refinement across our range so you can get “there and back”.

Warranty & Support

We have a 3 year* factory warranty which covers the factory built structure of the van.

Fixtures and fittings such as cooking appliances, toilets, TVs and tyres are covered by the various supplier warranties - minimum 1 year.

We are in business for the long haul with a commitment to ongoing support of our customers

We have a strong network of dealers and service agents to take care of your service needs throughout the country.

We are committed to keeping you on the road with a comprehensive stocking of spare parts you would expect from a leading Australian manufacturer.

Our Industry

We collaborate with leading suppliers to supply the best components available from around the world. We are proud to have industry leading brands associated with our product.

We are fully committed to raising the standards of the industry. We belong to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia and we are accredited manufacturers.
This means our products are regularly audited by an independent body to ensure they are compliant with standards.

Our technical staff also work on industry committees to share and build knowledge for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

*TuffTRAX has a 1 year factory warranty

All dimensions are approximate. All weights have a +/- tolerance and vary depending on components added to or removed from van. Specifications and aesthetics subject to change without notice. Information shown here is not necessarily applicable to units manufactured prior to or post publish date. Ensure that the actual van being considered meets all your specific requirements. Pictures are illustrative only and may show optional extras.

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